Crown and Flat Pulleys for Conveyor Systems

SST Conveyor Components provides crown and flat pulleys that are made from high quality materials for superior performance and long service life.  Our pulleys minimize noise and vibration as well as contribute to longer belt life for overal lower cost of ownership.

SST crown and flat pulleys provide corrosion resistance and reduce magnetic properties to meet specific application requirements.  Even in non-sanitary applications, our pulleys provide easy cleaning efficiency.  If your application requires sanitary conditions, we can provide pulleys with a special surface finish to meet 3A, USDA, and FDA requirements for cleanliness.

SST is also starting to produce idler rollers in all sizes.  Please contact us for any specific dimension requirements.

We can also custom manufacture to your specifications.


Crown Pulleys

  • 8" OD crowns up to 48" in length
  • 6" OD crowns up to 60" in length
  • Flat faced rollers, contact SST on inquiries
  • Knurled flat faced rollers
  • Axles to be machined per customers prints

Material used: DOM, Raw Steel, Galvanized

Crown Pulleys

Crown Pulley Diagram

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Flat Pulleys

Flat Pulley Diagram

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Plastic Pulleys