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Plastic-Mounted ABEC-1 Bearings for Conveyor Systems

Encapsulated ABEC-1 precision bearing with an injected cap. These bearings offer a quieter alternative to metal cupped bearings. The bearings are encapsulated in Polypropylene or Nylon. They are available in many different sizes. They can be shielded or rubber-sealed and greased or oil-filled.

Product Specs

Size Options are as Follows:

OD (Inches) Gauge Cap Axle Capabilities
1/4 R 1/4 H 5/16 R 5/16 H 3/8 R 3/8 H 7/16 H 5/8 H 11/16 H 12 mm
1.375 18 x x x x
1.500 16 x x x x x
1.625 16 x x x x x
1.750 16 x x x x x
1.875 16 x x x x
1.900 12 x x x x
1.900 16 x x x x
2.000 16 x x x x
2.120 14 x x x x
2.200 14 x x x x
2.250 14 x x x x
2.370 14 x x x x
2.500 11 x x x
2.500 14 x x x
2.620 14 x x x x
2.750 14 x x x x
2.870 14 x x x x
3.000 14 x x x
3.250 14 x x x
3.370 14 x x x
3.500 14 x x x
4.000 14 x x x

R: Round Axle
H: Hexangular Axle

Custom molds are available upon request.

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