SST Conveyor Components, Inc.

Framesaver Cartridges for Conveyor System Rollers

SST Conveyor Components, Inc. framesaver cartridges are for use in rollers using swedged construction. They have a steel-forged shaft that locks into frame and urathane tip pins, which prevent frame wear out. They are spring-loaded for easy installation and replacement, reducing inventory and assembly costs. They come with two ABEC-1 precision bearings per cartridge (6203ZZ on front and 608AA on backside).

Our framesaver cartridges offer:

  • Light-weight construction and greater durability
  • Smoother, quieter action
  • Greater load capabilities
  • Anti-static conductive construction

Product Specs

  • 16 Gauge Tubing Sizes:
    • 1.625"
    • 1.90"
  • 14 Gauge Tubing Sizes:
    • 2.50"
    • 2.75"
    • 3.00"
    • 3.50"

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