Leadership Team at SST Conveyor Components

SST Conveyor Components, Inc. Leadership Team:

Thomas Stokes Thomas Stokes President and CEO tstokes@sstconveyorcomponents.com
Office: 513-583-7807
Cell: 513-673-3199
Scott Wheeler Scott Wheeler Sales Manager swheeler@sstconveyorcomponents.com
Office: 513-583-7803
Cell: 513-444-0855
Jeff Winkle Jeff Winkle Director of Engineering jwinkle@sstconveyorcomponents.com
Office: 513-583-7805
Cell: 937-694-1871
April Eldridge April Eldridge VP of Finance aeldridge@sstconveyorcomponents.com
Office: 513-583-7802
Rebecca Ford Rebecca Ford Production / Purchasing Manager rford@sstconveryorcomponents.com
Office: 513-583-7813
Bryan Hamrick Bryan Hamrick Quality Control Manager bhamrick@sstconveyorcomponents.com
Office: 513-583-7812
Denise Fourman Denise Fourman Administration dforman@sstconveyorcomponents.com
Office: 513-583-7801